I paint what is around me,still-lifes of the jugs,bottles,fruit and such in the house or flowers from the garden. For me the best way  to capture the nature of these things is to employ the expressive possibilities provided by oil painting.  I am also attracted to accuracy and detail which can often be achieved through drawing,so working in charcoal or pastel pencils is also important.

A concern for understanding the inner workings of things has always motivated me and this was evident in my studies. My B.Sc in Physics took me into the Aerospace industry and then looking for more insight a Ph.D in Engineering  took me into computing.

On retirement I turned to art taking my love for knowledge and detail with me. It became clear that realistic painting in the traditional “atelier” manner would satisfy my aims. Training in this way is available from a number of specialist art schools and I have attended and still attend courses at these establishments. This traditional approach to art allows a wide range of expression with great concerns for form ,colour and tone. My studies also created a fascination with both portraiture and figure-drawing which are important skills for the artist. However these interests are in addition to my central concerns with Still-Life and Flower Painting.


My painting and drawing continually open up other intriguing new avenues for me to explore and there appears to be no limit to the skills and techniques to be learned. By using  new ideas  my desire for skills and knowledge is met and my works are not trapped in formulaic repetition.

I regularly exhibit with local art societies and other organisations and belong to a number of those societies. Society membership is valuable since one learns from others and in turn can assist in their development.


  • ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2020;
  • Royal Society of British Artists 2022
  • AppArt Godalming 2021, 2022, 2023;
  • Wokingham Art Society;
  • Crowthorne and Sandhurst Art Society;
  • ArtFest (Wokingham);
  • Rotary sponsored exhibitions in Pangbourne, Streetly and Reading
  • Chertsey Artists Ltd


  • The London Atelier of Representational Art;
  • Heatherlies School of Fine Art;
  • The Art Academy (London);
  • The Sarum Studio (Salisbury);
  • The Barnes Atelier;
  • The Phoenix Studio in Towersey